Saturday, April 24, 2010


i wrote an essay just now, for the sake of handing in next Tuesday XD. the title is about a wedding ceremony you have experienced. i took the advices and wrote the essay in one hour time. or maybe a little more. it was composed nicely with short exquisite vocabulary within each sentences.

3 pages of my exercise book, crossing my fingers again for a positive feedback from my tuition teacher. i love to write her essay, it challenges me to put in the right words and corroborate my salient points. Mrs.See is my biggest inspiration. i used to be afraid of english, sounds weird, right?

now i know how to love english. not only english, my bm teacher, Ms.Yeoh changed me throughoutly with her charisma in teaching. I am always anticipated for her lesson =) but my chinese, of course i won't forget what languages i first learnt to speak after being born in this world. Chinese is the hardest subject and easiest language for me, ironic? So not.

i can expressed myself in chinese words which no other languages has the capacity and vice versa with english too. bm i can write quite satisfied essay with my still-need-to-improve level =)

never would i thought that a science-loving student falls for languages.  yes i want to improve so i can express myself better and better. nothing can stop me! ^.^

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