Saturday, April 24, 2010


i wrote an essay just now, for the sake of handing in next Tuesday XD. the title is about a wedding ceremony you have experienced. i took the advices and wrote the essay in one hour time. or maybe a little more. it was composed nicely with short exquisite vocabulary within each sentences.

3 pages of my exercise book, crossing my fingers again for a positive feedback from my tuition teacher. i love to write her essay, it challenges me to put in the right words and corroborate my salient points. Mrs.See is my biggest inspiration. i used to be afraid of english, sounds weird, right?

now i know how to love english. not only english, my bm teacher, Ms.Yeoh changed me throughoutly with her charisma in teaching. I am always anticipated for her lesson =) but my chinese, of course i won't forget what languages i first learnt to speak after being born in this world. Chinese is the hardest subject and easiest language for me, ironic? So not.

i can expressed myself in chinese words which no other languages has the capacity and vice versa with english too. bm i can write quite satisfied essay with my still-need-to-improve level =)

never would i thought that a science-loving student falls for languages.  yes i want to improve so i can express myself better and better. nothing can stop me! ^.^

Thursday, April 22, 2010


the time is slipping away quickyly, 10 more minutes then i have to prepare for my tuition. i decided to write everyday. the official date, starts from today!

i talked on the phone with one of my brothers, he said he is doubtful about his way or direction of life. He and I are big fan of languages, or i should say i became one recently. never would i think that languages have become the hardest milestones for me now. I've been trying hard to write, read, listen and talk. That's the only way for us to attain success in languages.

They are challenging, but occasionally they elated me. With the ability to play with words and creating your own unique style is euphoric! I have been asking advices from my beloved friends and teachers. Thank you for your lovely opinions. Every single one of u have your own steps, i am able to derive the most comfortable way for me to achieve my goal from those advices.

It has been 3 weeks, i'm crossing my fingers that i am adept enough to learn some konwledge from them. The process is onerous, treacherous and detrimental to my mind XD. But the voice in my heart deters me from being ambiguous about what my next step should be. Like a butterfly, it undergoes the most hazardous process before transforming. During its life being a cocoon, it is determined to face the raging storm and blazing sun. Although the environment is precarious, but it fights like a virile army inside its tiny little fragile world.

Butterfly depicts myself. Or more precisely, the process of my learning! The result is unequivocally exotic. i believe that never a sucess is attained from indolence and vice versa.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Party" & "Get Outta Here"

yesterday when i was searching for my exercise book, i found 2 songs i written in 2008. i realized they are just words, though i'm calling jieli, ccc or brandon to help me with the music. a great collaboration huh!

i always love catchy and fun song or maybe raunchy XD , so i wrote a song titled "Party".
Meanwhile, i'm a fan of big emotional ballads so another angsty song were written, named " Get Outta Here " any mistakes, please forgive my brain XD

Here's the lyrics for "Party" :

Verse 1:
On a saturday night,
It's gonna be alright,
Cause we will do things right,
You call me a wild knight,
And baby you're so bright!
Fright is neglected in this flight.

Here we're in the club,
Filling our cups,
Don't even care for the cops,
I'm a pap and you're a mam,
Both u and me,
Are having a hot party.

Yeah i'm a smarty,
For grabbing this shorty,
And I know she's worth it.
So I named her Tweety,
Both u and me,
Are having a hot party.

Let's dance!

Verse 2:
Now it's 4am,
I have become your man. (Is this for real?)
You're lying by my side
After u had a wild ride
Oh this is not right!


I don't want this party
To call a halt
Cause we're getting warm
We're gonna make it all over again
Both you and me

Chorus 2X

Yeah shut it down now, Mr.DJ
Goodnight everybody!


Here's the lyrics for " Get Outta Here " :

Verse 1:
I'm so sick and tired of u,
Frustrated and confused,
You are devilish and mean,
I feel like going down a rollercoaster ride,
I feel so thorn apart in this lonely world!

This time,
I want to get away from you
Though i'm badly in love with u,
I will get over this cupid's drug
And get over you forever!

Get outta here
I'm escaping from this love
Get outta here
I'm flying out of this shit
Get outta here
I don't want to see ur face
Get outta here
Damn i'm saving me from myself.

Verse 2:
I belong to the dark,
The sound of the whispering,
Hearing the evil of the world
Some people are annoying,
Vanity defined them perfectly.



Bridge :
You taught me how to hate you,
You told me how to love you,
You begged me to hug you,
Now what i wanna do is
I want you to get outta here
I want you to suck yourself
I want you to be ripped apart.

Chorus 2X


Yeah that's what's going on on 2008. the old me? haha it's been long for me to sit down and write. The salient reason is lacking of time. Time time time always short in an earth's day world =( Not professional enough to be a songwriter, maybe u call this instead of song, but an expression of my words? Depends on u though. JIELI ARGHH i need your help desperately. anyone interested on making the tunes contact me ;)
it's been two months. ok i know! i'm sorry, updates will be up in about 4 hours time. so keep ur eyes open!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


i'm feeling inspired since yesterday so i decided i wanna sit down and write something. Yesterday, i become so emotional, my minds flooded with the images of yizhang and brendon again. Although it has never stopped since that day, and i related it to other confusions i had.

Not long ago, i used to be a bit jealous of my friends so close to her. But when i think of it now, i shouldn't have jealousy. because having a WHOLE BUNCH of brothers and sisters to support me and her, it's something u can't find in the outside in the years to come. I'm so glad that all my brothers can spam and talk with her, haha she loves me more. i think that's a fact that u can't deny!

People have been wondering what relationship we both having. haha i tell u all honestly, and i always repeat the same quote over and over again. "Me and Wendy nothing wan" lol eric. both of us got no roads la. haha. though maybe we both are still so confused, i think soon that won't happen again? Both of us are hella good soulmate, another part of each other? lol this may make u think we both got roads LOL haha nvm we both are as confused as u all of our relationship status.

lol haiz i miss yizhang a lot, whenever i am down and start to complain about the ugly sides of the world, he will scold me. now when i am pessimistic, i can still hear that he is scolding me. he taught me a lot of things... being positive, how he cooks, mathematics, dancing, sharing our love problems. lol i still remember how u begged me to tell u who i had a crush on. those innocent looks and "pls la pls la. wei dong jun jie ah"  i'm glad that i told u! sunflower and tomato, i love u buddy!

brendon, haha i won't forget how u perli me. We both used to argue for nothing last year, for fun? lol and how u besiok me that u said " walao! why u always change wan, last year that girl, this year another wan!" a lot of fighting. both of u came to my life simultaneously, though brendon u were a step ahead, since then, i never see yizhang and brendon separate. wanna framed the photo we 3 captured under the Malacca tree, yes i was tallest among u three. haha found the film, will call the photoman to "high-definition" it.


old people always miss how they were during youth. youth always miss how they were in primary, u will never hear an old people said how he missed of being old! this showed that human being seldom appreciate things they have been given. i learn to appreciate more and more since then, every single little things. families and friends that love me and things that i have now.

one theory that i realised : what u have been given today doesn't mean u will have it tomorrow!

only writes when inspired! xoxo

Sunday, February 14, 2010


hello guys. it's chinese new year and valentine's day! i'm quite bored now as all my relatives haven't arrrived yet. so i have wait and cure my tedium by using my pc.

yesterday was a blast, although morning i get scolded by my mother, but after a sleep, we were ok. then the whole afternoon, i helped my mum to clean the room. by mopping the floor, cleaned the table and everything. i worked til 8 something then went downstairs for my reunion dinner.

after the dinner, decorated my house with those ang kong ngah! wah so cute. XD and two of little cousins plus one bigger cousin were playing firecrackers. those kids are crazy. argued and fighted for firecrackers. my uncle was so busy satisfying them. haha.

then i on my pc. yay which i love to do. chatting with about 7 friends at a time. insanely occupied! and tagged a ton of my beloved friends on facebook. spamming with junkai and a few of them haha. and kept on hearing boom bing bang! fireworks. saw one although i heard a few of them firing up in the sky. there's nothing special? lol no i lazy to run downstairs to see the random thing again and again.

and i slept at around 1.30 yesterday! woke up at 8 in the morning. and on my pc again. haha love it. downloaded songs and transfering party songs to my dad's hp. i online on my garena waiting for people to come. but nobody shows up. so i offline now. facebook is more or less the same.

and now i'm blogging while waiting for my relatives to come. my mum and dad are taking naps now while i'm typing this interminable passage. haha hope u guys don't sleep while reading it XD i can't stand it. i gotta play dota while waiting.

well love story. do u think i should say i can't share with u of the details or no love stories for me? haha u decide!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

back again!

sorry i didn't update my blog last few days because i was busy. last week, the class lessons are interminable. i was drowned in my works, and faced a lot of problems.

settled myself and now i'm ready for CHINESE NEW YEAR. can't believe another year has gone so soon. my new year resolution is health and luck!

sooner i will upload more posts during chinese new year times. watch out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

How Plants "Feel" The Temperature Rise?

Plants are incredibly temperature sensitive and can perceive changes of as little as one degree Celsius. Now, a report in the January 8th issue of the journal Cell, a Cell Press publication, shows how they not only 'feel' the temperature rise, but also coordinate an appropriate response -- activating hundreds of genes and deactivating others; it turns out it's all about the way that their DNA is packaged.
The findings may help to explain how plants will respond in the face of climate change and offer scientists new leads in the quest to create crop plants better able to withstand high temperature stress, the researchers say.

"We've uncovered a master regulator of the entire temperature transcriptome," said Philip Wigge of John Innes Centre in the United Kingdom in reference to the thousands of genes that are differentially activated under warmer versus cooler conditions.

Using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana the researchers show that a key ingredient for plants' temperature sensing ability is a specialized histone protein, dubbed H2A.Z, that wraps DNA into a more tightly packed structure known as a nucleosome. Wigge likens nucleosomes to compact balls of string. As temperatures rise, H2A.Z histones allow DNA to progressively unwrap, leading nucleosomes to loosen up, they show.

"When it gets warmer, the DNA unwraps," he said, which allows some genes to switch on and others to switch off. They aren't yet sure exactly how all that happens, but Wigge suspects the altered nucleosome structure gives access to sites on the DNA where activators of some genes can bind along with repressors of other genes.

"In addition to H2A.Z containing nucleosomes having more tightly wrapped DNA, our results suggest that the degree of unwrapping may also be responsive to temperature," the researchers wrote. "This result suggests a direct mechanism by which temperature may influence gene expression, since it has been shown that RNA Pol II [the enzyme responsible for transcribing DNA into messenger RNA] does not actively invade nucleosomes, but waits for local unwrapping of DNA from nucleosomes before extending transcription. In this way, genes with a paused RNA Pol II will show increased transcription with greater temperature as local unwrapping is increased." The basic discovery could ultimately prove to have important implications for world food security, the researchers said.

As the number of people and affluence around the world continues to grow, "it is projected that world agriculture will have to increase yields by 70 to 100 percent in the next 100 years," Wigge said. "Under climate change it will be challenging simply to maintain present yields, let alone increase them." Crops such as wheat are particularly vulnerable to very hot and dry summers, he added, as evidenced by the fact that wheat reserves recently fell to their lowest level in 30 years.

He says the new understanding of plants' temperature sensitivity may prove to be critical for breeding more temperature-resistant crops. His team plans to explore this possibility by studying the role of these H2A.Z histones in a model plant that is more closely related to crops.

"We'd like to engineer a plant where we can control the histones in particular tissues such that it is selectively 'blind' to different temperatures," Wigge said. "Obviously you can't make a completely temperature-proof plant, but there is a lot of scope to develop crops that are more resilient to the high temperatures we are increasingly going to experience."

The researchers include S. Vinod Kumar and Philip A. Wigge, of John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010's First Week

good morning world. it's been one week since school has reopened. in this week, i learn quite a lot of new things. i have a couple friends in that class. others still i have to get to know them. new faces. my new year started off with a buzz.

in just about 3 days, all my friends know about her. and they said we moved to the next level!
but in fact, we're not. we are just best friends. =)

i'm so busy these days. exhibition is coming soon, have to prepare the things. had a meeting with all my ajk yesterday, and stay back with my teacher and zonghan until 3.00pm. some people lock us upstairs, luckily puan soo saved us XD

i'm going to my cousin's house later. so see u soon. bye!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009's Best Music, Movies and Books!

there's a ton of music i like this year
here's the list of 2009 album of the year to me :

1. Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster
2. Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment
3. Mariah Carey's Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel
4. Eminem's Relapse
5. Taylor Swift's Fearless Platinum Edition
6. Ronan Keating's Winter Songs
7. Daughtry's Leave This Town
8. Leona Lewis's Echo
9. Black Eyed Peas' The E.N.D.
10. Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted
11. One Republic's Waking Up
12. Lenka's Lenka
13. Marie Digby's Breathing Underwater
14. Avatar Soundtrack
15. Owl City's Ocean Eyes

Movies I love in 2009:

2. 2012
3. Ice Age 3 Dawn of Dinasaurs
4. Star Trek
5. G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra

ok no books i love. XD

Top 5 movies at the box office